.@ebel also: β€œWarning: Public method is missing XML comments.”

@ebel Those are very good comments. Usually by the time I run across comments, they have nothing to do with the code they comment anymore.

@ebel wait a minute - there is a "description" for *every* physical button. This is way too complete!

@mray linters! They have flagged up every button for comments so the coder does it. πŸ™‚

@ebel More like how you comment when you have to comment no matter what.

@ebel that's unrealistic. One of the buttons should not have a description at all, and one of the buttons should have a description that describes a completely different button.

@ebel or: what you achieve by product standards - today: documentation

@ebel Good code shouldn't have comments, right? XD


// does stuff, takes two ints in, outputs an int
int do_stuff(it a, int b)
@ebel *code redacted a bit because she might see this*

# up-doots good toots
sub tootUpDooter
$self = shift;
$toot = $self.getToot();

# check goodness of toot
if ( $toot.isGood() )
$toot.upDoot( $self.user );

@ebel it's almost worse than no comments when every single line is commented like this.
my first instinct is to multi select and remove comments then revert before making modifications.

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