Changing laws is good, but I think us techies also need to build an internet that can't be controlled like that. We need p2p sites. And we need to build it good and usable by regular folk.

@ebel If they regulate platforms, the way forward is platformless...

...whatever it means in a given implementation, I guess?

@phoe I suppose the point is to make things that *cannot* be filtered. Change the game so they cannot win.

Techies came up with to protect websites, then made LetsEncrypt and changed browsers to prefer . This has made lots of ISP level content filtering harder.

@ebel They'll pay some trolls to post extremist content there and try to declare the whole platform illegal.

@phoe Yes, that's a threat. So we need to be aware of the "cute cat theory of digital activism". Our p2p system needs to be good enough that people will use it for regular things, which can protect against making it illegal.

VPNs hide your traffic, but are too popular with biz for the gov to make them illegal. etc.

@ebel @phoe I have never heard of this phrase but this is totally right and aligned with some of my thinking (and goals in trying to keep things fun)

Has anyone considered a non-monetized DNS blockchain? Something like namecoin that isn't a get rich quick scheme.
@ebel @phoe


@cwebber @joamo @ebel Of course you need a blockchain, here's an infinite amount of reasons why:

1: It's the HYPE
N+1: See N



@phoe @cwebber @joamo @ebel are blockchains mainstream now? Maybe the real disruption is the blocks we made on the way?

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