I wonder... Would mapping in what restautants/cafes/libraries/etc have free WiFi help people? If you can't afford/get Internet at home, then you'd use public WiFi, right? So adding that detail to would help people?

For those wondering, there's a new quarterly mapping project in to map things that are traditionally under mapped in , or that help marginalized people. "free WiFi" could be an option

@ebel I'm 72% sure that I saw an initiative just like that a while ago... go for it 😃

(speaking as one whose ass has been saved by free wifi more than once)

(philosoraptor.gif if you don't have free wifi how do you load the map to look for free wifi)

(yes I know about offline map apps)

@federicomena @ebel Downloading map shouldn't eat up too much data either, if you're desperate. 🤔

@Jo @ebel it's not too bad - I use and most regions seem to be under 100 MB. I love it that they update frequently, so the changes I make to the map appear in the app a few days afterward.

@federicomena "how do you download the map?" if we all add this to then someone can use it in any way later. Custom app, print out a directory for a city, custom map, etc

is a database. 🙂

@ebel yup, definitely. I wish the default website were better :)

@federicomena oh? How so?

It's kinda complicated because the community often wants a decentralised approach of many groups doing things, rather than it all centralised under But there's something to be said for advertising and promotion

@ebel I think the search function could be much better - like not showing me streets on the other side of the world than the city I'm looking at.

Vector tiles on the main map would be nice. I'm amazed that e.g. Mapbox can pick up and render changes to the database in minutes, while the default Mapnik renderer takes much, much longer to refresh.

@ebel isn't this what Mozilla's WiFi Stumbler was about, at least in part.

Also, McDonalds.

Well in the other Hand, is there a Problem, if WE just add wifi connectivity? Here in Germany public wifi is still very limited

@ebel you could so that with streetcomplete if you have a phone with android. There's a quest about Internet connection

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