Does anyone have any resources on the dangers of / in terms of threats/risks to human rights. Specifically peoples, land rights, data extractivsm? Asking for someone else.

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@ebel I think @ekansa could have some good reference on the subject from an archaeological perspective.

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I don't have any specific guidance or references at my finger tips. But yes, there are sensitive data concerns that are very context dependent. In US, Native American sites get looted & vandalized, and location data are sensitive. Certain endangered species also involve sensitive location data.


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So, need policies and procedures, and above all lots of awareness of local contexts and issues. Working in collaboration with local/indigenous communities to understand needs, align data practices to positive outcomes and reduce risks is needed.

@ekansa @steko Interesting. Someone's asking on an list if you wanna get in touch with them.
TBH this never occurred to me, but when you point it out it's obvious that there are dangers with "open data"....

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