Listen, Apache. If you're going to give me an `<If>` directive, allowing me to put logic *inside* my apache conf files, then don't complain that I can't put things inside it.

It's all fun and games, until you have to port the deb of a postgresql extension to the latest ubuntu LTS.

To filter out error messages from a unix command, use this bash snippet:

... | 2> >(grep -vP 'SPAM' >&2)

`grep -vP "is (unstable|deprecated|experimental)"`

oh yeah filtering out “error” messages I don't care about

Ah well, corporate America will tease us with the queer relationships, and then cancel things.

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Sturgeon's law tells us that “90% of everything is crap”, that so much art & TC shows in a niche will be .... eh. But we still make them

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But we need more, sapphic & queer content. They are/were such a cute couple, and had so many cute lovely scenes. It's imperfections don't mean it shouldn't exist!

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OTOH I absolutely do not believe cishet writers/producers, or a cishet company, could ever make an accurate portayal of that. (I'm not even sure what *I* would do) So probably best that aspect was ignored.

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Personally I was unsatisfied about the queer/sapphic aspect. It was great, but I felt like they didn't do anything with it.

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While I loved the first few episodes of First Kill, and love the concept, I did find the quality went a bit downhill. I'll stan any queer representation either way, but eeeh....

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There is or . But what is there for when you're and ? 🚲🚴🤔🤔🤔🏳️‍⚧️🏳️‍⚧️

? ? ?

Biggest worry with the cycle, is that I might be our of practice!

It's ~80-90km per day, but ~1,000m uphill per day... 😬😬😬 (which I've done before)

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I'm going on a 4 day cycle tour soon, and I'm trying to learn to only bring the bare essentials, and resist the urge to bring lots and lots of stuff. ☺️

"While #TheAnarchistsHBO has proven to be a pathetic excuse for a documentary on anarchism and its theories and practical applications, it is shaping up to be a decent documentary on how flawed and invalid anarcho-capitalism is. Anarcho-capitalism is not an anarchist ideology but rabid individualism where those outside of Olympus must fend for themselves. The only freedom they fight for is the freedom to continue to build a surplus of capital..."

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