"Are you a boy? Or are you a girl?"

gee, this pokรฉmon game's difficulty curve starts out pretty high

$ ( ls Cargo.toml ; find ./src/ -type f -name '*.rs' ) | entr -r cargo test

this is what I use to automatically run tests when a file is saved

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If you don't know it already, `entr` is a great command to run a command when file(s) change.
Great way to add โ€œrun my tests automatically when the files changeโ€

/ question! I have a command that prints up to several screens of output, with colours & some lines longer than the terminal.
How do I print just the first terminal screen? It needs to work non-interactively, and terminate after printing the first page.

The sun never set on the British Empire.

Because not every God himself trusts the British in the dark.

RT: @gf_256@twitter.com:
The year is 20XX. Web apps are built in C++ and with WebAssembly, and desktop apps are built in with Electron.


I have suggested that iD (the main #OpenStreetMap web editor) add a "Real Fire" field for #pubs. ๐Ÿ™‚ It would make it easy for people to record this interesting data point into #OSM.

I notice some people trying to make The Bill Gates Argument in different formulations (i.e. that developers must always be financially compensated, and that non-capitalist production is immoral). What really happened was that there were two manoevres against public software.

The first one was The Google Manoevre in the mid 2000s, where they figured out a way to use public software without "conveying" it. It was a loophole in GPLv2.

The second manoevre was that companies realized that they could still capture and gatekeep value by controlling the infrastructure rather than the software that runs on it. Hence we get The Cloud, "serverless", giant data centers and free software written for that environment rather than for consumer hardware.

Time to put on my headphones, listen to some power and whack out some code.

Almost finished with a refactor

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