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โ€œAre we not allowed to ask some questions?โ€ crypto-bigots ask disingenuously.

IMO, all questions are open to discussion/debate, but we don't have to give them all equal time. We don't have to spend any more time on the answer to โ€œAre humans equal?โ€. Shutting down that conversation/discussion isn't censorship

rms, epstein, mit 

rms, epstein, mit 

rms, epstein, mit 

rms, epstein, mit 

โ€A reflection on the departure of RMSโ€
This is an excellent article on RMS getting pushed out, and explains, in language flossbros might understand, why it was the right call. ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

How will landlords ever learn to be productive members of society if they're hooked on free money from hardworking Americans? Eventually the free ride will end. We have to break this cycle of dependency.

Yes, one would then be locked out of signing up for services, but then one could complain to the service.

Someone should make a browser plugin for reCAPTCHA which always selects random images. Poison Google's AI training dataset!

Food, programming meme 

People used to think that slavery was economically inefficient, that free labourers would produce more. But much recent scholarship has shown that an enslaved workforce can produce more, and at lower (business) cost! (cf. Baptist's 'The Half Has Never Been Told').

There are things more important than business profits, and sometimes businesses profit from bad things.

The biggest problem with using metrics like this to advocate equality? What if you're wrong? What if a free software project kicks out a productive asshole, and 3 years later noone has picked up the slack? What if a company promotes women, and their business isn't doing so great?

Does that mean the company/org should now give up on equality, or diversity? That they should invite the jerks back? The promised benefits never materialised! What should those who advocate for equality say?

I've seen people advocating for girls to go to school cause that makes a countries GDP higher, or corporations with diverse boards of directors have higher share valuations

If you take the well known pay gap for employees, based on gender, race and nationality then it's probably possible to calculate what percentage of corporate profits is coming directly from racism, sexism, exploitation of migrants, etc. This kind of quantitative representation might be useful.


A special beer being brewed for the State Of The Map conference this weekend

"This person's horrible behaviour kept out other contributors" is a common take, and sure it could be (probably is?) true.

But it's way too neoliberal for me. That take says we shouldn't accept horrible behaviour only because it reduces some other metric (eg contributions). The flip side is that an org should accept bad actions if the results are good.

Y'know, I don't care about metrics like that. Immoral behaviour shouldn't be accepted *because it's immoral*. Simple as that.

It's not about simply burnout or sustainability. It's about fairly compensating people's work -- and not just the work of folks who send patches in.

Modern open source is corporate exploitation with a thin veneer of warm fuzzies sprinkled on top in hopes no one will notice.

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