This is cool little utility I recently found for working with colours on the command line/terminal.
Looks like it might make it easier to make colour gradients and #maps!

A friend is looking for examples of existing feminist (economic) collectives / worker-owned co-ops for an info event.

Anything that's radical and a women's collective or an explicitly feminist one is fine, but it should have a practical economic dimension of some sort.

Any you'd like to point out?

Congratulations to @weeklyOSM for publishing its 500th newsletter! WeeklyOSM is a volunteer community project, sharing OpenStreetMap news every week in several languages :)

Do ya'll already know
It's a #Fediverse service that let's you create user-groups. To create a group just search the fediverse for
Follow the "user" to join the group. Tag the group and all members will be informed.

I created @climatejustice and @FridaysForFuture. Join if you're interested in #ClimateJustice #FridaysForFuture #ClimateCrisis #KlimaGerechtigkeit #KlimaKrise #KlimaSchutz #ClimateStrike #KlimaStreik #FFF

@ViennaForFuture @fridaysforfutureerfurt @fffdresden @xrgermany @endegelaende @tuxom @jeroenpraat @hambibleibt @Snoro @Felicitas

#OSM Awards 2020. Once again, it is time to round up everybody who has done anything good
for the #OpenStreetMap map and community, and honour their work with an award:

#OSM is a project of humans. Don't be afraid to use your noggin to overrule the QA/validator tool.

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The #OpenStreetMap validation/QA tool was created for the mapper, for the project, for the data.

Not the data for the QA tool.

We're celebrating our issue Nยบ500! ๐ŸŽ‰ What do you think of our new concept with more graphics and pictures?

๐Ÿค” Selfies are mostly femme/female coded, right? What about non-selfie photos? Lots of people take nonselfie photos, I think that sort of activity is a bit femme/female coded too, right?

Is that why we don't have more FLOSS image editing mobile apps?

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I just want a good photo editing app! ๐Ÿ™‚ These FLOSS hackers don't take enough selfies to put the effort in!

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I always look in first of course, but that has such a low selection, especially for apps/tools which don't appeal to programming

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