Every time I go to an event like this I wanna get my LED game in order. I wanna make flashy lights!

Grr. The map app page for just doesn't show me my location. ๐Ÿ˜” Can make it hard to get around

You wanna know where everything is?


You wanna know when everything is?


You wanna know anything else?

events.ccc.de/camp (the wiki)

Still questions? Come to us at the Infodesk!


A disadvantage of using a single user instance like this is that I need to do all the mod work on other instances. I get a new follow, and I don't know if the instance is dodgy or not... ๐Ÿค”

The worst thing about being on a single user instance like this is that I can't follow tags. Only what my existing followers post. Oh well

Maybe instead of all these complicated Javascript browser based map slippy map browsers, I should make a desktop based map tile browser.

Maybe when I get back from #CCCamp I'll start regularly summarising the #OpenStreetMap fediverse on the #OSM diary system so people can know how cool we are

The reason employers are able to get away with paying people differently for the same job is entirely because they're able to keep pay a secret, and foster a work culture which encourages pay to become a taboo.

Let's break that wall down.

Everyone in Germany loves my chocolate brownies. Its weird, brownies are common here. I get invited to all the parties!

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