notice to my friends in tech: please do not build parental control software. please consider how the software youโ€™re working on could be used for abuse. please be responsible.

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RT โ€œFiscally conservative, socially liberalโ€ = Iโ€™m cool with rich people being able to come out as gay but Iโ€™m also cool with working class people being kicked out of their homes or denied a job if they come out as gay.


Creative Commoms have several licence parts combined together. NC means "can only be used for non commercial things".

It's a shame there isn't a DO "can only be used by democratically run organisations".

The problem isn't 'making money', but that things are controlled by those who have money/capital.

Changing laws is good, but I think us techies also need to build an internet that can't be controlled like that. We need p2p sites. And we need to build it good and usable by regular folk.

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Ah so have changed their URLs so old links *all* redirect to Breaking loads of links and making lots of AskUbuntu answers useless. Good job! ๐Ÿคฆ๐Ÿปโ€โ™€๏ธ

Should the #OpenStreetMap diary system be changed to allow people to remove comments from their own blog posts?

Some of will have a "Assume good faith" rule, but they don't have an "Act in good faith" rule...

My favourite mythology story is the one where the Celtic Tiger died and from the ashes rose the and the community to obliterate the Catholic Church on

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Someone should make a replacement for the unix command "head" that prints out only the total number of lines in your current terminal window.

who wants to help me set up my own #instance for my fellow natives who use twitter and are being harassed by racists #nativetwitter #coders #programming #indigenous #helpmelol

You're ๐Ÿ‘ not ๐Ÿ‘ collecting ๐Ÿ‘ data ๐Ÿ‘ to ๐Ÿ‘ help ๐Ÿ‘ your ๐Ÿ‘ users๐Ÿ‘ stop ๐Ÿ‘ kidding ๐Ÿ‘ yourself

capitalism? more like crapitalism, amirite? send toot

So Iโ€™d love to be more involved with the local community here in #Cork, having moved here a few months ago. Any folks on here from the area? Fancy organising (or know of existing) FOSS/decentralisation (not blockchain)/ethical design events?

#Ireland #meetups #community #local #foss #EthicalDesign #decentralisation

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