maybe I'll figure out an apache config invocation to convert http status codes to emoji smiley faces

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I know I could just modify the default route for everything. I'm curious if there's a nicer, new, modern tool to do this.

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The automated filter system for Youtube comments has apparently decided that comments that mention #OpenStreetMap are bad and should be hidden. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ๐Ÿ˜ฆ


Itโ€™s true! is hiding comments mentioning โ€œOpenStreetMapโ€. Watch:


โ€œChromium is a fairly typical google project where the recommended first step to building it is to become a google employee but some alternative workarounds are also available if that's not practical. โ€

I have decided to stand for reelection to the #OpenStreetMap Foundation Board. ๐Ÿ™‚
It's been a good two years, and let's hope I can keep doing good work.

โ€œAre you seeing anyone?โ€

โ€œLike, a hallucination, therapist or a date?โ€

RT Cis people have no idea how easy it is for women to tell the difference between someone who sees them as a women and someone who sees them as a man that they have to remember to refer to as a woman.

I'd like to make my own enamel pins for a project/group. Anywhere good in Germany/EU to get them done?

_(I'll be ordering the same design in bulk)_

Someone has done something very evil.

They opened the packet of chocolate biscuits.

Should the OSMF adopt a rule about holding the annual #OSM State of the Map conference (& regional variants) in places that are #LGBTQ* unsafe?
I'm proposing this rule (cause I'm on OSMF Board), and I'm looking for feedback.
cf. & then

I mapped this shop in #OpenStreetMap as `shop=fashion_accessories`. `lgbtq=primary`

Anyone a CSS/Javascript expert able to do simple things fast w/only #FOSS? We need to spruce up our site quickly. We've got the Django parts but need someone w/great CSS/Javascript skills to work with us on it. Ideally, you'd have 2 days of contractor time over the next week...


#Irish street names in #OpenStreetMap, nรญ gรก a bheith i do ghinias chun รฉ sin a thuiscint. #lรฉarscรกil


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