the problem with socialism is you eventually run out of ways to hide from the CIA coup

So many Static Site Generators seem to be blogs. I wonder is there anything for other types of sites? e.g. if I load a CSV file into a datbase and want to display it as a website soehow.... ๐Ÿค”

Queer Brunch (deutsch/german & a bit in english)

Wer? Queere menschen, die sich dem Chaos (CCC) verbunden fรผhlen.
Who? Queer people, connection connected with the chaos (CCC).

25.10.2020 13:00 / 25th of October 1 PM

Bin ich queer genug? Wenn du dich das fragst bist du queer genug!
Bin ich technisch genug? Ja bist du!

Do I count as queer? Yes you do!
Am I technically minded enough? Yes you are!

/cc @MegaHertz @haecksen

I need a at home. Any recommendations for a device to buy?
I already have several 3ยฝ" harddisks, and I want to be able to root/flash it and install stock Debian/Ubuntu on it. Some some and quiet obv.

I wonder how to test my large set og ansible managed hosts? Can i just spin up some VMs (or whatever the moern version is), and run it all against that? With some sort of fake DNS server to only connect to these fake VMs and to ensure they only connect to my localservers?

i prefer to "learn by doing", or as i like to call it, "fuck around and find out"

Fractured collarbone really puts a dampner on my ability to move, and unpack & assemble furniture.

I recently discovered that writing things down, that making lists on paper, really helps me clarify my thoughts, and not get stressed/anxiuous about things.

And now I've fractured the collarbone of my writing side! Can't really write in the same way. Bummer!

Turns out I fractured my collarbone when I fell off my ! oops.

It feels much better now that I have it strapped up and it cannot move.

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It's kinda weird & unfortunate that mailman mailing list sites don't generate RSS/Atom feeds... โ˜น

When you upgrade @StreetComplete to the latest version which includes the new "check that the opening hours haven't changed" feature. ๐Ÿ™‚
#OpenStreetMap #xp

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